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Larakei Launch Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

THE WINNER IS: @ALEXIS.WELKER!!! Thank you to all who participated and supported me:) xoxo till next time ❤️

I am so beyond excited to announce this giveaway! This giveaway is so awesome because each product is sponsored by a local Utah vendor! I am all about local support and collaborating with people who, like me are tying to make a difference in the world and a name for themselves.

@fingersofthegypsyusa is a phenomenal macrame weave artist! She has amazing work! She is also a wife and a mother. I love following her and her life journey through family and working on her growing business. Bellow is a link to her Etsy account. Check her out!

@saylorswim has the cutest swim suits! My ladies, you do not want to miss out! They have both swimwear and loungewear made in the USA! Check out their site below!

@outofbloom is my personal favorite! Out of bloom promotes self- love and self- worth! Like me, I want all women to feel comfortable in their own skin. No matter what color, shape or size all women have unlimited potential and worth. I love to support companies that support their buyers! Again, Link to their site below:)

Fingersofthegypsyusa< a href=”https://www.saylorswim.com” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Saylorswim< a href=”https://www.outofbloom.co” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>OutOfBloom