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Let's Talk About It, Service

Find a project, become a volunteer, improve your community.

Find a project, become a volunteer, improve your community.

Service is a great way to improve your community and your overall person. Some of the greatest service opportunities come during the holiday season. This year I am doing a sub for Santa through my day job (Vivint Smart Home) and Michael and I are volunteering at the local Food and Care Coalition in Provo, Utah. I will make sure I post some photos after the fact. Last year I created a blog post about the top 10 holiday service ideas. I will link that post here if you would like to read. I would recommend checking it out!


I think it is very important to give back when you have the means to do so. It is a great feeling helping others out. Let’s get down to the details. What I really want to talk about is a service company called Revive Humanity! My really good friend started this company a while back and let me tell you it has changed lives! You can simply donate or register! Their job is to create service opportunities and they do this by creating service tours and cruises around the world!

Revive Humanity connects volunteers with innovative humanitarian projects around the world. These projects have ranged from building schools to bringing clean, running water to those who have to walk miles and miles to get it. They help improve and develop individuals for a more meaningful and enriched life.

“Few things in life deliver long lasting joy, peace, perspective, and satisfaction like that which comes from truly giving of yourself in meaningful service! There are millions in the world who suffer from hunger, malnutrition, repressed economies, and other ailments. While we cannot reach them all we can help many.” I highly recommend you go check them out! If at all possible please donate or sign up for this wonderful cause. It changes lives.


Happy Holidays Everyone!