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Hello YouTube!!

Hey everyone!

You know that feeling on New Years Eve when you make a New Years resolution and you say to yourself, “This IS the year. I’m going to do it!” The feeling of confidence and excitement. Then a few weeks go by, then months, before you know it the year is over and you have conveniently forgotten about the resolution you left in the dust?

Well today I proved to myself that I can check off a New Years resolution. That discipline, confidence and not giving up can get you so far!!

…I have some exciting news!! I started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! I know some of you may be thinking…. “that’s not very exciting.” If you knew how much hard work I put into creating my first video you would empathize with me, and think it’s exciting! Lol

I first has to film my content, that took a few hours. I filmed everything, knowing I would cut most out. Then I uploaded the videos onto my laptop that I soon found out did not have enough storage for my 9, 10 min videos lol. 🤦🏽‍♀️ once I figured all that fun stuff out by transferring and deleting I watched relentlessly tutorial after tutorial of videos on “How to edit.” I downloaded a free version of EditCutPro and went at it. Turns out the application decided it would try my patience and delete EVERYTHING I had SECONDS before I finished. I said some choice words, took a few days of meditation and then went right back into it. Words of advice… USE IMOVIE to edit your videos. Turns out it’s really easy and as sophisticated as you would like it to be. Long story short I finally finished my video!!!

So please take my advice. Go dig through your forgotten pile of papers or files and find your NYR and start making a plan to finish it before the year is over!! You can do it!!!

So I hope you laugh, love, and enjoy it!

Click on the image or link below to watch:)