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My 2018 Goals!

Happy New year everyone! 2017 was such a good year, I am so excited for 2018. Now with that said, how many of us make New Years Resolutions to only see them dissipate throughout the year? I know that I have experienced this first hand. I think of all the things I want to accomplish in the new year, to then find myself forgetting what they were. 2018 is NOT going to be one of those years. There are so many things I desire to accomplish this year and I won’t let myself get in the way. So without further adieu…

1. Starting a YouTube Channel.
I have always had an idea of starting my own YouTube Channel for makeup and hair tutorials, tips&tricks, Q&A’s etc! My desire to sit down and learn how to film and edit has never been present. I have learned that success is not always easy. It does not consist of just fun and play. I am ready to make my dream a reality. It will take a lot of work but by 2019 I want to not only have launched my YouTube Channel, but have produced quality videos for my followers.

2. Men’s Fashion
I have always envisioned incorporating Men’s fashion into my fashion blog. However, I am not a man (obviously) haha. I don’t want to exclude 50% of the population. In 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity to marry my husband. With his help I will be able to incorporate Men’s fashion into my “Shop My Instagram.”

3. 10K Followers!
I know this may be a long shot for me…considering I only have 2k followers on my Instagram at the moment. However, I believe in myself. I know that if I continue to work hard on growing my following…it will grow. I want companies to take me seriously, and unfortunately in today’s society we base the worth and validity of bloggers on the number of followers they have and the number of “likes” they get on their Instagram. In order for me to gain legitimacy and for people I collab with to take me seriously, I need to grow my following.

4. Personal Fitness
I HATE working out. I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way. I love the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment after a good workout, but it’s getting my butt to the gym that’s the hard part. There are days where the desire is there and I actually want to go to the gym, but something in my schedule changes or gets in the way and I am not able to go that day. I don’t want to constantly rely on my excuses for not going to gym. “I eat healthy enough, it won’t fit in my schedule today, I went to the gym yesterday” etc. 2018 is the year to get in shape. It is not all about looking good but feeling good about myself.

5. Write in my Journal
When I served a LDS mission I was so fantastic at writing in my journal. I never missed a day. But oh how things have changed. Now, I write in my journal about once every two months. Maybe even less than that. I think it is important to write in a journal. It has always fascinated me how we consider certain things in our life important enough to write down. But I love looking back on my memories and how I felt during that time. I also love seeing my progression. Where I was then, and where I am now. I think everyone should keep a journal.

There ya have it! My 2018 Goals! Now that they are written down and published for everyone to see, I am excited to hold myself accountable! Lets see what I can accomplish in 2018! xoxo What are your 2018 goals>??? I would love to hear them!