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New Year, New Me 2019

Hello and Good day to everyone!

A popular topic during this time of year are New Years Resolutions!! I am am going to add to the plethora of people sharing their NYRs for 2019.

First, lets start off with my last years goals shall we? See what I accomplished in the year 2018. I had 5 goals.

Yes 1. Starting a YouTube Channel…I am proud to say that I accomplished this goal! So far I have only done videos on Makeup tutorials, so this year I want to expand my horizons and work on Hair and cooking tutorials.

Yes 2. Men’s Fashion. I had envisioned incorporating my husband’s looks into my Like to know It and Shop my Instagram. I had done this a few times but nothing to the extent of what I had envisioned. I have decided to move away from men’s fashion and focus on my strengths. (Women) lol. I want to collaborate with at least 30 companies for 2019.

Yes 3. 10K Followers! I am so happy and proud of myself for reaching this goal! about a week before Christmas I hit this goal. Funny story time: I was sitting at my parents kitchen table with Michael and my mother. I had not checked my phone for about 4 hours (since it was Sunday it was a family day) and I remember pulling out my phone and seeing that I had a few Instagram notifications. It was nothing out of the ordinary so I didn’t think anything of it. I opened my Insta App to find that I had gained 2,700 followers!! I was mind blown! I screamed out loud…and my mother said, “what!? Who died!?” haha. I have never felt more accomplished in that moment. My hardwork had paid off. So this year my goal is 25K followers! Bring it on 2019!!

Nope 4. Personal Fitness.  Last year my goal was to limit my excuses from holding my back from getting myself to the gym. I still do not enjoy getting myself to the gym. Once I get there I am fine…but it’s the prep before had that deters me from going. I want to try my hardest to strive to go to the gym 3 times a week but for sure 2 times a week. I know I can do it. With the help of my husband and my new personal trainer (McKayla) I can do it! 🙂

Nope 5. Write in my Journal. I was definitely better than most during 2018. I wrote in my journal at least once a month but did not do it as much as I had planned for 2018. This year I want to switch things up and do more reading. In 2018 I only read half of two books (Harriet Tubman and The Last Juror) and read the diary of Anne Frank again for the second time. I want to branch out and actually finish what I start. I think 4 books from cover to cover for 2019 is a good place to start.

There ya have it! My new and revised 2019 Goals. Please let me know what you think and what your resolutions are!!