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Our Backyard Makeover!

Michael and I moved into our cute townhome about two years ago. When we first moved in the backyard was well kept but pretty standard. It also is a very small back yard, so there are only so many things you can do with the space given. As y’all know, life gets crazy and super busy which put our backyard low on our priorities list. Which brings us to this year! Two years after moving in and we finally were able to find the time and money to work on our backyard.

The Process

From start to finish it took us about a week. We could have finished sooner, however it rained 4 out of the 7 days of the week so we lost a lot of time waiting for good weather. I knew that I wanted to do a flower bed and garden of some sort. I am obsessed with greenery and I have a million house plants. I wanted my yard to reflect the same ha. My husband mapped out our space and what we had to work with. We decided on a mini garden/flower bed on one side of the yard and some grass on the other side with a pathway leading to our back gate.

One Monday morning I was trolling through Facebook and I found a guy selling cheap sod. He had just the amount we needed so we pulled the trigger and that is what propelled us to finishing the yard that week. The following day, I also found a women trying to get rid of brick from an old fireplace. She was selling it cheap so instead of doing pavers we decided to use the old brick. However, some words of advice. If I were to go back in time I would have done pavers. The brick was covered in old cement (which was not told to me when I purchased.) So the majority of our time was spent chipping away the excess cement on the brick before we could lay them down. I also read after the fact that brick tends to chip away and does not last as long as pavers. FWIW. Frustrating, but we were too far deep to change course haha.

I made about a dozen trips to home depot and even more to my parents house. haha (They let us borrow the gardening tools we needed.) Once the Grass and the pathway was complete we started working on the “Garden.” I wanted herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables. We ended up getting Mint, Basil, Cilantro, Strawberries and Tomatoes, and an assortment of different flowers. Most that are perennial.

My parents had an old propane fire pit that they no longer used that they gave us, and I got four brand new outdoor chairs from a company that was trying to get rid of patio furniture. Originally $250 each but we only paid $40/ea. So you can say we got pretty lucky!

The Transformation

Overall, I am really pleased with how well our yard turned out. I think we did a great job considering we had no professional help and it was just the two of us working on it.

Hope y’all enjoy, let me know if you have any questions!


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  1. It’s so fun to transform your living space – and especially outdoor spaces in the spring and summer! Looking good!

  2. Tonya Morris says:

    It looks so good! Love that it was a DIY project!

  3. This space looks great! I love doing makeovers and improving spaces. Things always look better with some flowers too!

    1. keilara says:

      Thank you!! Amen to that!

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