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The Top 5 Best Things About Marriage

Overall I love being married! There is really nothing better, and I will tell you why.

1.Constant Partner In Crime. 

You’ll have a two-person team to handle everything. I know that for me having Michael around to help me face some of the most difficult times in my life has been a blessing. I know that a lot of the things that I was able to do, would not have been possible if it were not for my husband around. He is my constant cheerleader and a partner in crime. Through family members passing, switching jobs, friends moving or trying new things having someone by my side to help me through the good and bad times is really important to me. Someone to witness my life with me and to be there 24/7. Someone to grow and progress with me and to be my shoulder to cry on. I do not know what I would do without Michael in my life.

2. Sex

Honestly having a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse can really make the marriage. Sex is important to helping you maintain a healthy relationship. Sex is associated with stability and increases bonding-who does not want that? It continues to maintain a certain level of intimacy that your spouse fulfills in your day to day life. Physical intimacy is important but sex shows your constant desire and love for your significant other.

3. Religious Rocks

No matter what your belief systems are, you can keep each other accountable. For me, religion is everything. Because I am not perfect I need Michael to help me with my religious progression and goals. We both help each other in our church callings, reading, praying and being there for each other in times of need. Michael and I were married in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Provo City Center Temple. In our religion marriage is not taken lightly and we believe we will be married for all eternity. I know that being married to my husband and progressing with him each day brings me that much closer to God.

4. 100% Being  Yourself

It is a game changer being around someone who you can be yourself with. Not having to play games or pretend in any way. Michael and I might be a little too comfortable with each other to the point where we can gross each other out, maybe it is because we do feel so comfortable that I may forget to act like a lady or he forgets to clean up after himself. Haha. Despite all those things, it does not change how we feel about one another in any way. I know that no matter what I am feeling I can express my true feelings with my husband. Granted, as you date and get engaged you learn things and get to know each other enough to want to marry that other person…but there is something that marriage does that brings out the worst and the best of us. For me, I have seen so many impressive things that I may have not seen before we were married. The chance for him to be completely selfless and put me first to the point that his plans may get cancelled etc. When it comes to blogging he often has to rearrange his schedule to make enough time to photograph me after he gets off work and before the sun goes down to get the perfect lighting. He is a true friend. I love knowing that no matter what, I can rely on him to be honest and real with me and vice versa.

5. In-Laws

For some people this topic may be on their “worst things about marriage” list, but for me, it is on the positive side. I love the fact that when you get married you get to take on new friends and family members. It’s nice to be able to get to know new people and to be apart of new traditions and way of life with your in-laws. We stay connected through social media and text so that we know what is going on in our day to day lives. It brings us closer and when we get together it’s like we haven’t been apart. I really enjoy that.